Natural is luxury

Our wish is that CRÈS will bring a smile to your face and happiness to your daily life.
CRÈS is our beauty product line that will enhance both your happiness and quality of life. We believe in our philosophy that a company should make what is good for people and the planet. Our goal and mission is to create products rich with nutrients and natural ingredients. Though people may forget at times, nature is truly a blessing to us that we tend to overlook its luxuriousness and abundance. Let this great resource make you feel at your best.


Creating and delivering joy through products that are good for people and kind to the planet.



Providing premium, natural products and excellent Japanese Omotenashi service to the people we love.



We aim to deliver “beauty products that are good for the people and kind to the planet.”

As the awareness of SDGs surge in modern society, I started to ask myself what have I done to make changes in the beauty industry, and am I doing enough? These thoughts motivated me to design our high quality, natural beauty product brand, CRES. I believe that we should all be able to enjoy pampering ourselves without worrying about the ingredients that could potentially harm our bodies or the Earth.

I learned the importance of organic and natural ingredients while researching chemicals used to make beauty products. I strongly believe that it is the companies' responsibility to import sustainably sourced ingredients that are essential to creating something that would be beneficial to the people, the planet, and our future generations.

I must be the one to act if I want to see changes in the industry, so this is my way of taking small steps towards becoming part of the bigger picture and look at the brighter future that lies ahead. I truly hope these products will bring positive change and create a better sustainable future for the next generation.

My Mind changed. My life changed.

Y Hashimoto

Corporate History

  • Jun 2019
    Viange Spa opens
  • Feb 2019
    Viange Hair Fremont store opens
    (Second salon in East Bay)
  • Jun 2018
    Viange Product Launched
  • Mar 2017
    Viange Hair Dallas, TX store opens (First salon in Texas)
  • Mar 2016
    Viange Eyelash opens
  • Jan 2016
    Viange Hair Dublin store opens (First salon in East Bay)
  • Apr 2015
    Viange Nail opens
  • Nov 2014
    Viange Hair Saratoga store opens (First salon in South Bay)
  • Mar 2014
    Viange Hair San Francisco second store opens (Geary Street)
  • Nov 2013
    Viange Hair San Francisco flagship store opens (Tillman Place)



Address: 7196 Regional Street, Dublin, CA 94568
Phone: 925-361-5376
Business Description: Beauty Services (hair salon, nail, esthetic, skin care)
Beauty Products (manufacturing and distribution)
Employees: 30