Yuzu is commonly known as “Japanese Citrus” fruit. In Japan, during the winter it is often used in baths, where you have a few whole fruits bobbing in the water. It’s also seasonally used as yuzu-tea, yuzu ice cream, yuzu jam, and fresh slices accentuate the delicate tastes of sashimi. Its crisp tart flavor whets the appetite while being refreshing.

This revitalizing scent is what makes our Soin-Mist Clean Mask and Hand Spray special. A spritz before you mask. A spritz on your hands before you eat. A spritz on your pillow at night. A spritz to get rid of that unpleasant smell in the restroom. There is a multitude of ways to incorporate it into your daily life and enjoy the relaxing crisp Yuzu aroma. Enjoy this staple Japanese scent.

Soin Mist

*We no longer carry this item at the moment.