The Holiday Gift Box from VIANGE SPA “Body Care SET”
This gift set comes with Vegan Body Wash and Honey scrub.

The Body Wash is a Vegan product and safe for use by both children and adults.
Also, it is gentle on the skin and the environment. A gentle foam wraps the entire body, leaving it clean and refreshed.

The scrub with honey as the primary ingredient is ideal for the dry season. Use as a replacement for soap once or twice a week.
The honey will further moisturize the skin while retaining its natural oils for both men and women. Regular use will result in smooth, supple skin.
The finely crushed Azuki bean scrub exfoliates dead skin cells without harming the skin.

For more information about this gift sets please call to:
Viange SPA: 408-320-4940

Body Care Set