Do you know IMABARI TOWEL?

IMABARI TOWEL JAPAN is a long-established towel company that is a source of pride for Japan.

Japan's quality has amazed the world. As the holy land of towel production, Imabari Towel has played an important role in the development of the towel industry for the past 120 years. Imabari towels have firmly established themselves as a representative of Japan's high-quality, safe, and secure products. Imabari towels' softness and absorbency have drawn attention at various overseas exhibitions in recent years, and the company's reputation is spreading around the world. (More info:

Imabari Towel
This IMABARI mini towel with the cute CRES logo is included in the HOLIDAY GIFT BOX, which is only available at VIANGE FUGA.
Carrying a "handkerchief," a small cloth to wipe your hands or sweat, is customary in Japan.
Towel handkerchiefs are extremely useful and are used by many people on a daily basis.

The VIANGE FUGA limited edition HOLIDAY GIFT BOX comes in five different styles.
All five types come with an IMABARI mini towel.

    • Yuzu Aroma set
    • Hair care Set 
    • Hair care & Styling Set
    • Hair care, Styling, Face&body care Set
    • SPECIAL Hair to Toe care Set

The collection is focused on hair care, and you're sure to find the ideal gift for your loved ones.
Please keep in mind that this IMABARI TOWEL GiftSET is only available at FUGA.
VIANGE FÜGA (Foster City Store): 650-315-2436
Imabari Towel Gift Set