Putting your hair in a bob creates the perfect balance between long and short, and tends to let air in, causing the hair to swell.
Also, many of us surely struggle with taming difficult and unruly hair.

In such cases, we recommend a rough and airy hairstyle that gives an impression of fullness and movement at the ends.
By drawing focus to the ends of your hair, it will blend the curly parts fashionably.

If you have powerful curls, why not try a powerful perm? It will create a nicely blended effect and make you look stylish.
The recommended item for styling curly hair is Moelle Jell Balm.

A new, high-quality, moisturizing styling product with vitamin E, squalane and pure natural oils, this balm protects your hair from heat.
Since it uses natural ingredients, you can apply it to your hands, too!