Did you know the main component of our Ricco Butter is actually Shea Butter? It has so many uses for short styles, bob hair, and just the right element to pull together any style you’re going for.

Shea butter is a natural botanical oil that comes from the seed of the fruit from the Shea Tree. Shea trees are native to the savannahs in Africa and commonly used as foods, medicine and even fuel. For over a thousand years Shea has been used in Northern Ghana as a cream to protect skin from harsh heat and dry climates.

Shea is widely found in Nigeria and Mali as well, and there it is known for its powerful hydrating botanical oils. There it is common to see shea butter used for treating wounds, burns, aftercare for baby’s umbilical cords and other various medicinal purposes. Its immense moisturizing properties is also great for lip care, hair care and relieving itchy skin.

It has been said that Shea became known to the rest of the world when European settlers came to Africa and were drawn to the beauty of the skin of the native women. Once they realized the bountiful uses for shea and its benefits, it quickly became a luxury beauty ingredient that spread throughout the world.

Ricco Butter is happy to be rich in shea butter to fit your styling needs. In addition, it is infused with CRES’ original scent that delivers a light fruitiness of lychee and white wine. It’s sure to enwrap you in this tranquil aroma from your hair to your fingertips.

The Power of Shea Butter