Ricca Gift Set is now available at VIANGE HAIR locations in Saratoga, Dublin, and Fremont.
This year's Viange Hair gift sets include a VEGAN + HONEY Scrub set that can be used by the entire family.

Ricca is the shampoo with the best lather among the many shampoos available at CRES and can be used by the entire family, from children to adults, regardless of hair type.
Ricca's botanical-derived gentle moisturizing and cleansing power gives your hair a clean and refreshing wash while adding body and resilience.
In addition to Ricca, we now offer a set of AZUKI + Honey scrub, the main ingredient of which is honey.

  • Ricca Shampoo(Vegan)
  • Ricca Cnditioner(Vegan)
  • Honey Scrub(Body&Face)

Isn't your skin extremely dry in the winter?
Washing your body with body soap on a daily basis removes your natural oils and causes dry skin.
Using our honey scrub instead of soap once a week can help prevent dry skin.
The honey will hydrate your skin while the crushed azuki beans gently exfoliate away dead skin cells. After washing, it removes dullness and leaves skin with a bright finish, and using it on a regular basis will result in smooth and supple skin.
Both men and women should incorporate this into their daily home care routine. This product contains honey and can be used on the face.

Why not give your loved ones Vegan products and honey scrubs that are both gentle on the earth and gentle on the skin? Gifts for families and couples will surely be enjoyed!

All of CRES's products are made in Japan.
CRES can provide the peace of mind and reliability that only CRES can provide with quality products made in Japan.

Have a great holiday!

Ricca GiftSet

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