Mysoin dolce di Orange essential oil & Aroma plate

A set of aroma oil and plate for scenting your surroundings.

Key Ingredients

Orange Essential Oil


5ml / 0.16oz

Nature can bring instant healing to your soul. Escape into your imaginary forest, tropical beach, or wherever you feel most connected with yourself. For some, it may be reading a novel, and for others, a hot bath might do. Allow your body and mind to relax, repair, and refresh in a blissful moment that’s made just for you.
Orange Essential Oil
- Helps to reduces symptoms of anxiety and depression.
- Antimicrobial effects
- Maintaining the health, appearance, and texture of skin
Add 3 to 5 drops of essential oil directly to the dented part of the plate. The soaked essential oil gradually volatilizes and the scent slowly spreads. If you feel that the scent has weakened, add your favorite essential oil each time.