It's the season to thank those who have helped you throughout the year, as well as family and friends.
Wouldn't you like to give your loved ones gifts that you would like to receive?
While you are wondering what to send, it is important to send something that you use everyday, such as shampoo or hand soap, with a stylish appearance that you can keep as an interior decoration.

CRES recommends RICCA, a popular VEGAN product, for a gift set with a stylish design that blends in with the interior and looks great!
All products are manufactured in Japan, and they are only available through CRES.

RICCA Gift Set includes…

・Ricca Shampoo & Conditioner
・CHOUCHOU Azuki+Honey Scrub

Recomended Points
    • - Something just a little bit more luxurious that you wouldn't normally buy for yourself.
    • - Stylish looking and great for interior decoration
    • - A special feeling that you can't buy anywhere else
RICCA Gift Set
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