With the holiday season approaching, it is time to entertain guests in your home.
You should be ready to welcome them just as you prepare flowers and decorate your home for Christmas.

The aroma that fills the room when you open the front door is crucial.
It is also critical to light candles and get into the Christmas spirit.
Aroma oil has a slightly higher grade scent in this situation.
It has an elegant and lightly fragrant scent.

CRES aroma oil and plates are small enough to fit in any space. It can be used to add a gentle fragrance to entrance halls, bathrooms, and other areas.

Don't overlook infection control to keep your guests and family safe. It would be ideal if this could be accomplished smoothly and elegantly.

Soin Mist is a product you should definitely use for important guests because it disinfects with a single spray and the YUZU scent that spreads to your hands does not have an unpleasant alcohol odor.

A little extra attention will make your family and guests feel more at ease ♪

Welcome with CRES